4 Interchangeable Functional Modules

TOYDIY 4-in-1 3D Printer

Loved by a Community of 5000+ Users

Jeff Collins

After reading about other printers and being able to use some,I tell people this is the best first 3D printer to get and learn.Then step up to bigger printer if build space is too small.I used it for my own business purpose and love this machine so much.

Jim Holden

I’m not too old to learn some new stuff!
My ToyDIY 4 in 1 works great!
The GoPro mount arms are a bit fragile with 15% infill so I upped it to 50% ... also upped filament temp to 210 C.
I learned to pause the print and tape the raft down as increased insurance for bed adhesion.
The laser really dresses up my home made iPad stand.

Sauli Toivonen

Here’s some small gadgets I planned and printed out: extension cord clips to hold it on top of a radiator. New tilt stands for my keyboard. That funny looking plate is a muscle pain and stress reliever, you massage a pain point with a suitable corner of a plate.

Joseph Carson

Needed a round electrical box, just print one. Printer printed raft in one color by self loading and unloading the need filament. Magnetic base is fantastic. Everything just separates with no effort.

Joefritz Zamarro

Face Mask is ready! Happy to made something useful at this time.

Jennifer Thorup Whitmer

New laser program makes a much nicer and cleaner burn! Thank you for the improved program!

Goldens Junkyard Farm

It arrived quickly and praseembeled. Very easy to use and over all I am very please minus I think I may be missing a single 3d printer head and I wish there was more in depth learning materials in regards to the software side of things. I added my own review on YouTube and as you can see the lazer head does awesome work.

Molly Huang

Bang on!! Although this is my first 3D Printer- I haven’t encounter so many issue to work on it. Just take several hours to know about the 4 functions one by one. Done all the test print provide on the SD card. And altogether I can say it’s quiet impressive.
Before going to further details I wanted to mention that- their customer service was great. I contacted them for a confusion during CNC milling. And they reply within a moment with the proper details. That’s a great work!

Don Power

So far I have been testing out normal prints and am halfway through a 30 hour print. The printer came fast from amazon, and it was packed well. Nothing was damaged when I opened the box and it was easy to unpack. The thing was covered with foam to prevent any movement, and all the heads were in bubble wrapping. It was easy to open too.

Phil Nolan

A few of weeks ago my best buddy Molly the cat passed away. I wanted to make a little memorial for her and also got to use all three functions of the ToyDIY.

About Us

Ecubmaker Set sail to fulfil the dream of Makers. As one of the early company to step forward to develop the Multi-functional 3D Printer, EcubMaker praised for its innovation and standard quality.

Since our founding in 2013, We develop various high quality desktop 3D printer series like Fantasy. After getting success on the Fantasy series our next goal was to develop something can meet the need of the creators who love to have a machine which can do multiple function. As well as which could save money and time to switch machine to machine. Finally, we reached our target. In 2019 We launch world’s first ever 4-in-1 3D Printer named: TOYDIY 4-in-1. Which included FDM single color, FDM dual color 3D Printing, Laser engraving, CNC carving with other professional features.

We have more than 10 members in R&D team. All of them pursue the dream to innovate something for ordinary consumers to extra ordinary consumer. They are determined to make something which can be used by a College student. a middle age parents or even retired hobbits. TOYDIY 4-in-1 is the perfect example to prove their devotion. The development of professional all-in one software was a big challenge for them. After gone through some difficult phase we did it. Right now TOYDIY is a fully optimized multi-tool 3D Printer which win lots of tech lovers heart.

To continue this contribution on 3D printing industry and its advancement we are promised to give our hundred percent. We are working to make user life more and more easier. We want you to come with us and be a one of us who believes in innovation and changes for mankind.

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